Our Firm

Fluorolite manufactures and distributes replacement light covers.

Replacement light covers are an effective alternative to replacing light fixtures in commercial buildings, schools, hospitals, offices and apartment complexes.

Please check out our Team of replacement light cover experts and our company History . You can read some of our customer’s testimonials and see a preview of our shop where we manufacture the replacement light covers .

We look forward to working with you.

The Fluorolite Team

Diane Pink, Founder
  • Founded Fluorolite: 1977
  • Education: B.S. in Accounting from Salem State Univ.
  • Majority Stock Holder

Greg Pink, Founder
  • Founded Fluorolite: 1977
  • United States Navy
  • Vietnam Veteran


Ayesha Nawaz, Owner
  • Owner: Fluorolite
  • Education: B.S. in Industrial Engineering at UMASS Amherst