Can You Ship Plastic Lenses?

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle:

The mantra you learn in school, while simple, really does sum up what it takes to help the environment


Don’t replace the fixture when it’s not worn out. By simply updating the lens you can make it look as good as new and won’t need to dispose of all those metal light fixtures. 


Fluorescent bulbs use far less electricity than incandescent bulbs.  However, Fluorescent bulbs contain mercury.  Some Compact Fluorescent Lights (CFL’s) actually contain up to five times the mercury contained by fluorescent tubes. Keep your fluorescent tube fixtures and properly dispose of all bulbs.


We offer a full line of retrofit kits that allow you to keep your existing fixture and convert it to a new energy efficient ballast and lamps. You can even de-lamp from 4 to 2 bulbs to save even more energy.


All of us need to respect this philosophy in our “throw-away” world.  Fluorolite lenses allow you to replace only the lens cover, not the entire fixture.  This choice eliminates waste and saves money.  A typical new 4-light fixture can cost $100.  That does not include the invasive removal, proper disposal, expensive installation process, and lengthy down-time.  Depending on the part, a Fluorolite wraps can cost around $25, and actually replacing the old wrap with the new one can be easily done by anyone. Reuse those metal fixtures don’t dispose of them.


Fluorolite recycles all the scrap plastic generated at our facility.  All scrap will be ground up and reused in other types of plastic products.


You too can recycle any fluorescent bulb through an organization called Easy Pak, find them at:

Marketing Materials:
We’ve begun using almost exclusively environmentally friendly paper and ink on all our marketing materials.