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Fluorescent Light Cover Replacements

Fluorolite Plastics uses the best quality products to bring you the highest quality fluorescent light fixture covers. We are well equipped with over 45+ years of experience servicing the public. Firstly, Fluorescent light produces a lot of glare. Secondly, the harsh light disrupts your visual field, which strains your eyes. This leads to visual fatigue, headaches and migraines.  Thirdly, and most importantly, Help your body produce key hormones that regulate mood, sleep cycles, stress and anxiety with best fluorescent light cover replacements.

We Manufacture and distribute our products to Electrical Wholesalers and individuals. Above All, we stock verity of products from prismatic acrylic sheet to the retrofit needs. We carry flat lens diffusers in many styles. From non-yellowing acrylics to the high impact durability of Polycarbonate.  Parabolic shapes egg crate, brightness control permits efficient illumination without the discomfort and eyestrain normally associated with source brightness and glare.


Why Fluorolite Plastics

This knowledge and experience allow us to give you the best experience when purchasing your diffusers for fluorescent lights. It’s a fact that we are a successful woman-owned business and work with many amazing big businesses and superb small businesses. Check out our ceiling light cover selection at “Buy Now” From flat panels, wrap arounds, louvers, or drop ceiling lens, we have them all.  Upgrading your fluorescent light covers, we have variety of non-standard shapes and sizes.

Our services provide Fluorescent Ceiling Light Cover Replacements solutions to both home and business. If you have any questions feel free to use our get a quote form or call our award-winning team of experts. Check out our supply of covers for fluorescent lights!

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