Clouds (Round Corners) & Puffs (Square Corners) Replacement Light Covers

Clouds (Round Corners) & Puffs (Square Corners) Replacement Light Covers​

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Fluorolite supplies many styles of replacement lenses for Cloudlite and Squareline fixtures. These styles can be used with many different interior designs. They are surface-mounted luminaries used with linear, circular, or ‘U’ shaped fluorescent lamps. The body style allows for uniform light diffusion. These Decorative Light Cover Puff Cloud Diffuser’s contoured linear design complements a variety of decors. This design ensures easy maintenance and Resists breaking for long-lasting use.

Square Corner (Cloud Lens)

Puff Light Cover

Round Corner (Puff Lens)

Puff Light Cover

Puff and Cloud Light Cover come in elongated shapes and can often be seen in: Hallways, Closets, Nursing Homes, Hospitals, Bathrooms, and Offices.

For Replacement of this style Lens, it requires Four Lenslock Clips to Secure the Lens to the Light Fixture. The 4 plastic clips come with all these diffuser. The floating appearance of the this complements any decor with a non-glaring illumination. The low profile of the frameless diffuser allows the fixture to blend in with its surroundings. Ideal choice for most residential applications. 

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