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General Questions:

Question: Can I choose any size rather than standard sizes you provide? 

Yes, we can cut to any size. And also we can do circle cut using CNC router. If the quantity is big, we can directly make your size to save the cutting waste.

Question: Can you provide me a basic price for single piece?

Our price is based on the size, thickness and total quantity, so it is quite difficult for us to provide you a general price. Once you send us Quote request, we will send you the part number and pricing.  We do have general items that you can buy from “Buy Now”.  

Flouorolite Plastics uses the best quality products to bring you the highest quality light diffusers. We are well equipped with over 45+ years of experience servicing the public.

This knowledge and experience allow us to give you the best experience when purchasing your covers for fluorescent lights. It’s a fact that we are a successful woman-owned business and work with many amazing big businesses and superb small businesses.

Our services provide light cover solutions to both home and business. If you have any questions feel free to use our get a quote form or call our award-winning team of experts. Check out our supply of covers for fluorescent lights!

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