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UV Absorbing Plastic Tube Guards

UV tube guards are available in various sizes and lengths to accommodate the specific bulb used in your fixture.

Tube guards use uv absorbing plastic to protect against debris, dust, mites, and the release of phosphorescent powder from a broken lamp.

UV absorbing tube guards are of relatively high permanence and can be expected to last at least ten years. These specific tube guards also block UV radiation up to about 395 nm.

1) UV Clear (395nm)
2) UV Yellow (aka. Clean Room Yellow) (420nm)
3) Lithogold (aka. Super Gold) (480nm) – Actual color is Orange/Amber
4) UV Amber (540nm)
5) UV Red (aka. Dark Room Red) (610nm)

UV Absorbing Acrylic Lenses

These custom molded diffusers are made of specially formulated UV absorbing prismatic (UVA) acrylic that can be made size-specific to replace the lens of any fluorescent light fixture.

Ordinary acrylic will block out UV radiation with a wavelength of less than about 350 nm while the special UV absorbing (UVA) acrylic can block out UV radiation with a wavelength of less than about 390 nm — a significant improvement.

vapor tight lens cover diffuser replacement light plastic
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