Vaportight Replacement Clips

Vaportight Replacement Clips

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Latches for light fixtures lens:

 Latches or clips can secure the lens in place to prevent it from falling out or becoming loose.

There are also several types of vapor tight latches. The most common type is the 8LTA which goes on to most of the vaportight.

 Round light cover are also held by clips or latches and the most popular type of clips are 8LTR for light fixtures. They are easy to use and install. 8LTR clips are made from injection molded plastic and are designed to clip onto a round light cover. The clip has two  arms that open up and grip the cover, and a small tab that fits into a fixture. Snap the latch over the edge of the light cover and it will hold it in place. These latches are made from a durable plastic and are weatherproof.