Elevator Replacement Light Covers

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Elevator Replacement Light Covers

elevator fluorescent light covers ceiling lights, damages lights broken lightsElevator Lighting Panel (also commonly known as multi-wall or twin wall) replacement are available in oversized sheets of polycarbonate multiwall and aluminum egg crate. The largest size available is 4′ x 8′. 

These panels are also most commonly used for green house roofs. Whether you’re building a greenhouse or replacing existing greenhouse covering, Growers Supply offers the ideal polycarbonate for your project.

Yes! We do stock polycarbonate clear in 6mm and 10mm, 4 X 8 ft, can cut to any size you need. Please give us a call for more information. Greenhouse Garden roof uv coated.

National Fire Codes require the use of specific types of material to cover the light fixtures in elevators ceiling. Acrylic Sheet and Plastic Louvers do not meet the code standards for burn rate for elevator ceiling panels. Therefore, we recommend: 

Aluminum Eggcrate
Multi-Wall Polycarbonate

We can supply both light covers for you in custom sizes. The standard size comes in 23.75″ x 47.75″ twin wall polycarbonate sheet of 6 or mm thickness or 23.75″ x 23.75″ twin wall polycarbonate sheet. This sheet is lightweight, impact resistance and easy to install.  The most popular profile is a 6mm thick double-wall polycarbonate sheet but 10mm thick double wall polycarbonate sheet is getting popular recently. In addition, we keep these multi-wall in stock most of them time. 

Elevators are very enclosed, small spaces which means to make them look spacious, you need right amount of light and to reflect it properly. The correct light covers are needed. We provide a perfect solution for elevator with lighting panels. Even when exposed to elevated temperatures over a long period of
time, it will maintain its structural integrity. 

The cc rating in accordance with the international building code for this material is CC1. However, look at the The ASME A17.1, Safety Code for Elevators and Escalators, and CSA B44, Safety Code for
Elevators for more detail.