Vaportight Fluorescent Light Diffuser

Vaportight Light Fixtures​


Vapor tight Lighting Lens and Gasketed Replacement Light Covers

When you need to protect a fixture from inclement conditions, a vapor tight lighting lens is your solution.  Available in one or two bulb widths and 2′, 4′, 6′ and 8′ lengths.

Vapor tight Lighting lens  Vapor tight Lighting lens  Vapor tight Lighting lens  Vapor tight Lighting lens

Acrylic: Superb Clarity, Excellent Weatherability, Excellent UV resistance, Good Shock resistance, available in differing D.R. resin blends for improved shock resistance.
Polycarbonate: Superb Clarity, Average Weatherability, Average UV resistance, Virtually unbreakable

Clear crepe, Clear Smooth, Clear Prismatic, or Smooth White.

If you don’t see exactly what you’re looking for please contact us, we specialize in custom replacement light covers, go to REQUEST A QUOTE and fill up a form for vapor tight. Fluorolite Plastics offers these light covers as solutions to broken or damaged light covers.Vaportight Replacement Light Diffusers 

Curled Lip Vapor Tite: The Curled Lip Vaportight diffusers fits a variety of compression molded fiberglass vapor tight housings which utilize a curled lip mounting design. The diffusers can be used with linear tube fluorescent lamps. The diffusers are available in vacuum formed acrylic & polycarbonate, with clear crepe acrylic or clear prismatic polycarbonate.

Flanged Lip Vapor Tite: The Flanged Lip Vapor tight replacement lenses fits a variety of steel formed vapor tight lighting housings which utilize a flat flange mounting design. The diffusers can be used with linear tube fluorescent lamps. The diffusers are available in vacuum formed clear smooth acrylic & polycarbonate or in white smooth acrylic & polycarbonate