Fluorolite Plastics has been located in the Historic Saxonville Mills in Framingham Massachusetts for almost 40 years. Now Moved to Husdon!

Saxonville is named after the Saxon Factory Company, a woolen mill established there in 1824 by Abner, Benjamin, and Eliphalet Wheeler with several Boston partners. Later owners Michael Simpson and Nathaniel Francis changed the factory’s name to the Saxonville Mills. Saxonville Mills merged with the Roxbury Carpet Company in 1919 and assumed the name of the latter.

The Saxonville Mill buildings were destroyed in the fire of 1883, except for mill building #7 made out of brick. The wooden mill buildings that had burnt down were rebuilt soon after and are still standing today. The Roxbury Carpet Company ceased its operations in the early 70s.

The Saxonville Mills ca 1859.
The Saxonville Mills ca 1859.
Notice the Athenaeum on the lower left. Mill building #7 (with the railroad track going inside) is the only building that survived the 1883 fire. The tower on top of the mill building on the upper right housed a Paul Revere bell that was used to call workers. Thanks to Images of America, Framingham.

As we grew over time we decide to move out to a larger facility in Hudson. Our New location is located on 555 Main St, Hudson, MA 01721

We recycle 100% of our scrap.

Made in the USA
100% Satisfaction Guarantee.
Commercial Grade Lenses
Specialty Packaging Department
Leading Drape Molding Process; Full Length Hooks.
Over 3,500 Molds On Hand – Custom Molds Fabricated on Premises