Globe Replacement Light Covers

Globe Replacement Light Covers​

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Transparent and translucent globes for commercial or industrial street lighting are available in plastic globes. Commonly made from acrylic or polycarbonate have come into widespread use. Polycarbonate is 75% lighter than glass, yet it’s shatter proof, high impact strength helps to reduce vandalism.

Our clear polycarbonate globes meet or exceed OEM specifications. UV Stabilized and excellent light transmission add to the value of these replacement globes. The glass-like appearance of these acorn globes offer shatter proof high impact strength – without compromising the historical authenticity of the products appearance.

neck less, Fitter Neck Application, or twist lock, we have them all. One piece injection blow-molded with excellent impact resistance, these acorn globes offer an affordable cost solution for light housings. Fluorolite is a leading brand in Lighting Fixtures and Accessories, manufactured in the United States and serving customers across all 50 states. We look forward to serving you!


How to find the right acorn globe? First, determine the acorn opening size (Diameter) than you need length by placing a measuring tape on top of the acorn and measuring from the base to the tip. For round lamp post we need opening lip diameter and outside diameter of the globe. To determine the diameter of a round globe, the easiest way to measure is place a ruler inside the globe and measure from the top of the globe to the bottom of the flange. The next measurement you need is the size of the flange or opening at the bottom of the globe. The flange will typically have three or four grooves on the bottom which allow it to sit into the fitter.

Generally, flange sizes are determined by the outside edge of the flange. Place a ruler across the opening of the globe at its widest. The outside diameter of the flange will be slightly less than the size of the fitter. For instance, a 12-inch globe with a flange diameter of 3.91 inches is made to fit a 4-inch fitter.