F-8122: Linear Ribbed Hook Clear Acrylic Vaportight Lens – OD: 51 -1/4″ x 6 -3/8 ” x 2 -1/4″| ID: 50-1/4″ x 5-7/8″

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F-8122: Curled Hook Clear Crepe Vaportight Lens

outer Dimension: 51 -1/4″ x 6 -3/8 ” x 2 1/4″

Inner Dimension: 5 -7/8″ x 50 -1/4″



deep ribbed gasketed enclosure cover


F-8122: Curled Hook Clear Crepe Vapor tight Lens – outer Dimension: 51 -1/4″ x 6 -3/8 ” x 2 1/4″, Inner Dimension: 50 -1/4″ x 5 -7/8″

  • These are injection molded with 100% impact resistant acrylic.
  • These vapor tights are also available in polycarbonate and Frosted for LED light covers.
  • Vapor tight fixtures are linear fixtures that use either fluorescents or LEDs.
  • Most importantly, they have a gasketed seal that keeps water and dust from entering the fixture
  • Above all, easily identifiable by the meal latches that help ensure the fixture is tightly closed.
  • Fixtures with an IP66 rating are dust tight and are protected against water jets and heavy seas.
  • Vapor tights can be surface mounted or suspended, and are used in warehouses, loading docks, car washes, and other similar applications.

Please contact office at 508-788-1200 for LED vapor tights. Vapor tight light fixture is not included. Clips are available on this page:  https://www.fluorolite.com/latch-replacements/

Before you click Add to Cart, Make sure your measurements match our line art drawing by making your own sketch/tracing of your existing wrap around. 

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Weight3 lbs
Dimensions51 × 6 × 2 in