F23-100/2347 | Clear Truss Shaped Prism Acrylic Panel | Replacement Ceiling Light Solution | Panel size: 23 3/4″ x 47 3/4″| Thickness .100″ | 4 PACK

$ 75.00

F12-100/2347-4 PACK: Clear Truss Shaped Prism Acrylic lighting panel| Replacement Light Cover Sheet – 23 3/4″ x 47 3/4″ x .100″

What a difference a lens makes!

Extruded acrylic sheets are a cost effective way to diffuse fluorescent light with bulb hiding qualities



Flat panel with conical prisms

F23-100/2347-4 PACK: Clear Truss Shaped Prism Acrylic Ceiling lighting Sheets | Replacement Light Cover  – 23 3/4″ x 47 3/4″ x .100″

Prism Acrylic lighting panel- Excellent U.V. Resistance,  Guaranteed not to yellow for 20 years,  Good Shock Resistance, Anti-sag characteristics

Prism Acrylic lighting panel is a clear acrylic lens with bold, 3/8″ diameter female, conical prisms that provide an economical solution to sagging lens problems for your ceiling. Can’t find what you need, send us a picture and size you need, we will send you a quote. Find several choices for ceiling lighting panels!

  • Clear Tuss shaped prism (Industry Standard)
  • Provides good brightness control in direct glare zone
  • Flat sheet thicknesses are measured from the peaks of the prisms not the valley’s. Some competitors will use a sheet that has had the valley’s ground out to save plastic. Be aware that not all flat sheets of the same thickness are of the same quality.
  • Acrylic lighting panels are an economical, lightweight, and much stronger than alternatives.
  • Variety of high-quality lighting panels in stock sizes, oversize, completely custom sizes –  Fluorolite only uses high quality sheets.

Additional information

Weight15 lbs
Dimensions52 × 28 × 1 in