F81 White Frost Glaze Flat Sheet Replacement Light Cover Panels


Fluorolite F81 is a high-transmission acrylic panel used to diffuse lamp images and provide more uniform surface brightness. Designed to filter out the most damaging wavelengths of ultraviolet irradiation, this panel provides total lamp obscuration. It also reduces veiling reflections and reflected glare. Available in Clear and White. It provides optimum light transmission while eliminating undesired hotspots and luminance fluctuations.

The lighting panels are premium acrylic light controlling panels designed to meet the requirements of today’s sophisticated residential and commercial environments. Each lense is designed to control and direct fluorescent lighting while maintaining a high level of visual comfort. Being made out of the highest quality acrylic materials in the marketplace these premium lenses are stronger and will hold up better than many of the “standard” economy light panels available today. Lightweight and easy to install and will fit most standard drop in light panel applications.

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F81 White Crepe Flat Sheet Replacement Light Cover Panels

White light cover panels is ideal for use as an overlay to diffuse lamp images and provide uniform surface brightness.  F81 is impact resistant, high transmission, flexible for contour inserts on perforated metal baskets.

Frost Glaze Acrylic Lighting panels are mechanically textured white acrylic panels designed for today’s sophisticated work environments. With a heavily Decorative pebbled surface on one side and a smooth surface on the other, KSH White Frost Glaze Panels provide good light transmission and lamp obscuration for visual comfort of fluorescent and HID lighting.  Frosted Glaze acrylic lighting panels were designed to provide superior Bulb hiding power, while not reducing the light transmittance.


The acrylic used in Frost Glaze White Acrylic lighting panels is 100% high molecular weight virgin material meeting Grade 8 requirements as set forth in Table 2 of ASTM D-788-69a. It exceeds IES-NEMA-SPI standards for acrylic material by 100%. Under normal interior conditions, these panels will perform satisfactorily for 20 years.

Product Details


  • Thickness: 0.080″ – 0.187″”
  • Width: 2″ – 50″
  • Length: 2″ – 120″
  • Features: Weatherable

F81-080/2246-4 PACK: White Crepe Flat Sheet Replacement Light Cover Panels 22.5″ x 46.5″ x .080″


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