F23 Truss Shaped Prisms Clear Flat Sheet Replacement Light Cover Panels – Custom Sizes

Truss-Shaped Prisms – Thickness:  .100″ – .125″

Virtually unbreakable, non-yellowing and easy to cut

premium grade acrylic lighting panels soften harsh fluorescent light to create visual comfort

Conical prisms that provide an economical solution to sagging lens problems

Provides a high level of efficiency while eliminating lamp images and providing excellent visual comfort and uniform surface appearance

Standard panel size is 23 ¾” X 47 ¾”

Conical prisms/ Truss-shaped prism Design

Vandal resistant

Also available in Frost

Fluorolite only uses high quality sheets.


Cut To Size available!

Flat panel with conical prisms

F23 clear Acrylic Lens is a unique combination of bold, shallow optics, providing excellent retention of the lens surface texture and uniform surface appearance in fluorescent troffers.

Fluorolite only uses high quality sheets.

Manufactured from lighting grade polymer with superior performance properties in heat resistance and toughness.  virtually unbreakable.  Eliminates costly replacement and combats vandalism. Premium grade Acrylic Lighting panels in Prisma square clear


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