Flat Sheets Replacement Light Covers

Flat sheets replacement fluorescent light panels are extruded acrylic sheets and a cost effective way to diffuse fluorescent light with bulb hiding qualities. Thicknesses* from: .020″ to .250″.  Sheets can be custom cut to any size up to 54″ x 108″. Flat sheet replacement diffuser panels thicknesses are measured from the peaks of the prisms not the valley’s. Some competitors will use a sheet that has had the valley’s ground out to save plastic. Be aware that not all flat sheets of the same thickness are of the same quality. Fluorolite only uses high quality sheets. Our light diffuser panels & cover are made of a strong but flexible clear acrylic. To order flat sheet light diffuser cover for custom size, please go to REQUEST A QUOTE

Acrylic: The industry standard. Excellent U.V. Resistance – Guaranteed not to yellow for 20 years. Good Shock Resistance.

Polycrbonate (G.E. Lexan ): Moderately U.V. resistant, Virtually Unbreakable, Handles Higher Heat Levels.

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