When Art and Replacement Light Covers collide – Yet another Who Knew moment

We love when Art and Light covers intertwine and create yet another “Who Knew” moment… Thanks to The deCordava Museum! See for yourself: https://decordova.org/art/exhibition/platform-23-andy-graydon-city-lights-orchestra Andy Graydon often creates sound-based installations, films, and sculptures to address themes of community, history, and language. He is drawn to second-hand objects that reveal traces of their history, questioning how […]

File This in Your “Who Knew” Folder…

From one of our Artistic Customers, John Howell, who utilized Fluorolite Plastic’s Tube Guards in a manner that none of us here have ever seen! This made us think that there must be other very creative ways to use our Tube Guards and we invite you to share you pictures of “alternative” applications. Send your […]