LED LIGHTS – now it’s time for the rest of the story….

“Should I convert to LED lights?” is a question facing every building owner, facility manager and even home owners.  Yes, there are savings to be had and yes there are costs to be incurred.  But the untold part of this equation is “how will the new LED light be perceived by my students/residents/employees/guests?

And now, for the rest of the story….Last week we received a call from a facility manager who had just made the switch to LED.  Seemed like the perfect plan….lower utility bills…longer life….rebates galore….clearly a “no-brainer”.  That was until the lights were installed and the employees almost revolted!  Their light was different and they didn’t like it at all. It was too late to switch back to the old lighting so we were tasked with creating a replacement lens that would mitigate the glare and brightness and hopefully replicate the previous light emission.

The good news is that we were successful in helping this facility manger avoid a revolution!  The bad news is that this facility manager ended up spending more time, money and resources to fix a problem that was not even considered during the “switch to LED” decision making process.

This was not an isolated instance.  This conversation takes place many times a week and is increasing in numbers as the march to “Switch to LED” becomes a stampede for rebates and perceived savings.

So, just a reminder that you might want to make sure that you might want to include “the rest of the story….” in your decision making process when considering LED lighting.

Thank for listening…