Here Are Some Beautiful Mothers Day Home Design Ideas

By Matthew | Updated on May 15, 2021

Has your mother been talking about how they wish they could change their kitchen or dining room?

Well, we got some ideas for you this Mother’s Day.

Check out these kitchen designs. 

Let’s face the facts, everyone has been talking about midcentury modern and modern decor. This Mother’s Day might be a good time to start planing that modern kitchen that they have been talking about. 

Maybe Orange isn’t your thing but the drop lighting has been just going crazy. You can match the colors to whatever scheme you want. Either way, you’re going to get an amazing “wow” factor out of these kitchen lights. 

Mothers day kitchen design idea fluorolite Plastics broken replacement light covers diffusers

This kitchen display shows great use of task lighting. Utilizing these under cabinet lights really creates a dramatic feel. You can also set your lighting to be warm to match the tones or cooler as a contrast to warmer colors. The importance of lighting to a room is the difference of a space feeling dark damp and unwelcoming to a space feeling warm and inviting. 

Ceiling light cover fluorescent light cover fluorolite plastics fluorescent

Cabinet lighting, under cabinet lighting, drop ceiling lights, and overhead lighting. It’s so simple and so effective at emphasizing a space.


Fluorolite Plastics diffuser cover light replacement kitchen

What If We Already Have Undercabinet Lighting?

A simple change to an existing lighting solution is to change out your light covers. Fluorolite Plastics has under cabinet light covers or diffusers. Check to see if your light covers are either yellowing, dirty, or broken. If yours align with any of these just head over to the Under Cabinet link and check out how to get easy repalcements.