Globe Replacement Light Covers

Globe Replacement Light Covers​

Globe light covers are well equipped for indoor or outdoor use. Most commonly seen in outdoor lamp post replacement globes. We carry both acrylic and polycarbonate plastic Globes in variety of sizes and neck opening styles. 

They can be shaped into spheres, streetlamps, cubes, cylinders, acorn-style street light globes and most special shapes. The most common sizes for lamp post globes are 6″, 8″, 9″, 10″, and 12″. Please see all the different Neck style, we can get you large quantities in a reasonable price! Fluorolite Plastics offers made in USA plastic globes to fit any project you need. 

lamp post globes

Twist Lock | Notched Neck

Twisted Lock Globe Diagram

Threaded Neck

Threaded Globe Diagram

Neck | Lip Fitter

Lip Fitter Neck Diagram

Flush Hole

Hole Flush Globe Diagram

Acorn Globe Replacement

Ornament Acorn Globe

Lindy Acorn Globe

Lindy Street Light

Victorian Vintage Acorn Globe