T5 F28 CLEAR : PACKS of 8-120 Tube Guards – For use with 4′ T-5 tube lamps; Includes Endcaps

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T5 F28 Tube light sleeve cover Clear  : PACKS of 4-24 Tube Guards – For use with 4′ T-5 tube lamps; Includes Endcaps

  • SIZE: 3/4 Inner Diameter
  • Available now in pack of 24, 48, 96, and 120 tube guards. Please see the prices below

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T5 tube light sleeve cover Clear : PACKS of 8-120 Tube Guards – For use with 4′ T-5 tube lamps; Includes Endcaps

What Other Tube guards we offer:

The tube guards for fluorescent lights most common sizes are T12, T8 and T5* in standard 4’, 5′, and 8’ lengths.

Above all, there are many other colors, sizes, and lengths available. Please call for details. Each tube guard includes 2 Black end caps to keep the lamp securely in place.

Whether you’re looking for T5, T8, or T12 fluorescent tube guards, you’re in the right place. Find guard sleeves in a variety of colors, including amber, blue, clear, green, pink, purple, red, smoke, and yellow.

More Info:

In addition, find products that fit perfectly with your bulb type with our great customer service and best pricing online lighting retailer. In addition, you can also replace the end caps with white, just call and let us know at 508-788-1200. Shop Now For Fluorescent Tubes!

  • We have them available in T5,T8, and T12 Lamp Sizes
  • They are mostly in 4’, 5′, and 8’ Lengths Available but we can cut them to any size needed.
  • We have tube guards available with UV Filters
  • Endcaps hold lamps in place and prevent tubes from falling, choice of white or black
  • This product is Clear 48″ lamp guards with end caps in black which we can replace to white if requested
  • There are 24 pieces in a box, it is normally more expansive to buy single pieces

Safety Tube Guard Sleeves are an easy and economical choice in areas where lamp breakage and/or U.V. filtration is a concern. Above all, they simply slide over your existing bulbs to protect against any shattered glass and control the release of toxins.

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