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What Are Fluorescent Light Covers Called?

By Matthew | Updated on May 26, 2021

Fluorescent light covers come in thousands of shapes and sizes. The most common word for a light cover is a light diffuser. The term diffuser means to spread light. It makes bright or harsh light softer across a wider area and eliminates some of the unwanted glare that is common with fluorescent lights.

Why Are Fluorescent Light Covers Necessary?

Did you know that light covers or light diffusers have been used for hundreds of years to spread or diffuse light from a harsh source? A light cover does a few things: 


Light covers can be used to manipulate color. It can change the tone or hue of a light source to be warmer or cooler. There is also a product called Tube Guards which can be slid over the bulb to completely change the color.  


Dramatic lighting, wash lighting, theatric lighting. I’m not even talking about theater or movies (although it does pertain). Let’s say you are in the office. The amount of light can affect the personality of the employee. Lighting that is too harsh can cause anxiety or energy loss. To dim can also cause the same negative effects. 

Different Lighting Styles

In our post about the Importance of Lighting, we went over all the different lighting styles. You can use diffusers to create an accent in these lighting styles. Even determine how much light you want in a space.

What are diffusers or light covers made of?

Light covers or light diffusers are usually or most of the time made from acrylic plastics. Sometimes they can be made of polycarbonate or glass. In the past Outdoor lights were made of glass but the advancements in plastic have replaced glass light diffusers pretty throughout.

At Fluorolite Plastics we can custom mold any light cover. We have been making light diffusers for over 45+ years. 

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