What Are Light Diffusers? - What Do They Do?

By Matthew | Updated on May 24, 2021

A diffuser is a device that spreads the light from a light source evenly and reduces harsh shadow.

What Is The Term Diffuser?

 A diffuser definition is – A device which spreads the light from a light source evenly and reduces harsh shadows. Why are light diffusers so important in a home or a business. It goes back to the blog we wrote about The Importance Of Light. Light diffusers do a lot, let’s see. You can change the color of the room, warmer, cooler, lighter, dimmer.

Light diffusers can change the amount of light in a room. The more open channels of electricity mean the more electricity you are going to use. Using light diffusers well, means you save more money every year.

Let’s talk about the common types of light covers that you see all the time. Are you in an office? Look up. Do you see any 2×4 ceiling tiles? Next to them probably an open light fixture or it’s covered by a light diffuser called a  flat sheet. You could even get flat sheets with colors or pictures on them.

Like clouds or any other picture, you would want. Or sometimes you will see a tube light, commonly they are T4, T8, T12. Over the Tubes are what are called tube guards. We have colored tube guards but what we also have is an adjustable tube guard light diffuser. 

ceiling light diffuser cover fluorolite plastics
Fluorolite light diffuser tube guard fluorescent light cover diffuser for broken light diffuser
Fluorolite Plastics diffuser cover light replacement kitchen


Let’s switch it over to the home. Where can we find light diffusers in your home life. Sometimes people have wood shops or workshops in the garage or shed or barn, whatever works. What about the kitchen? 

If you have seen undercabinet light covers? They are task lighting that can make a room feel warmer or cooler. There are under cabinet light covers or diffusers that help dim or spread the light to create that ambient feel.  

We are always around if you have any questions on any of these topics. If you want a quote or just to ask some questions contact us and let us know what is on your mind.

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