Where Do I Find Elevator Ceiling Light Panels?

By Matthew | Updated on June 18th, 2021

An elevator panel replacement is essential if you have an old or damaged elevator panel. Learn what you need to know before buying one.

Elevator ceiling light panels and covers have to be up to National Fire Codes. These codes require the use of specific types of materials to cover the light fixtures in elevators. Acrylic Sheets and Plastic Louvers do not meet the code standards for burn rate.

Tips for Choosing the Right Elevator Panel Replacement?

Fire resistance requirements apply to elevator systems in most situations. The fire code is in place to prevent the elevator from acting as a chimney and spreading to the upper or lower floors. Furthermore, a shaft containing an elevator ordinarily needs to be fire-resistance rated for one hour.  

The recommended material is an aluminum egg crate or multi-wall polycarbonate.

IBC states that interior finishes for enclosed spaces must be of Class C or B materials, depending on whether the space is sprinklered or not. We recommend using this guide to view all requirements for elevator code requirements. 

However, that is not a decision that needs to be determined since ASME A17.1 requires finishes to be of Class B materials (a flame spread index less than or equal to 75 and a smoke-developed index less than or equal to 450) when tested in accordance with ASTM E 84, Test Methods for Surface Burning Characteristics of Building Materials, or UL 723, Standard for Test for Surface Burning Characteristics of Building Materials. 

Aluminum Egg Crate

Multi-Wall Polycarbonate

What Is The Best Way To Order Elevator Ceiling Light Panels?

We’ve created a simple way to order elevator ceiling light panels. Use the get a quote system on the right side of this article. Under the “Other” tab you will be able to give us some information on the elevator. We then can use the information to get your elevator ceiling light panels. 

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