Clouds (Round Corners) & Puffs (Square Corners) Replacement Light Covers

Clouds (Round Corners) & Puffs (Square Corners) Replacement Light Covers​

Fluorolite supplies many styles of puff replacement light cover or lenses for Cloudlite and Squareline fixtures. These styles can be used with many different interior designs. They are surface-mounted luminaries used with linear, circular, or ‘U’ shaped fluorescent lamps. The body style allows for uniform light diffusion. A 4 Foot Replacement Acrylic Lens are decorative puff replacement light cover for the Fluorescent Cloud Fixture.  For Replacement  these Lens Requires Four Lenslock Clips To Secure The Lens To The Light Fixture. This Also Ensures the Lens Stays Securely Fixed Into Place. All lens include clips with them.  These Round light cover are very common for kitchen, Attic, basement, and closet lights. Most commonly use for fluorescent light covers but can use with high quality LED lights. 

Please watch the video at the bottom of the page on how to measure these cloud puffs diffuser for replacing the light cover without changing the fixture.

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How to measure Puff Decorative light diffuser?