Commercial Light Diffusers: What Work Best For Large Buildings and Retail Spaces.

By Matthew | Updated on June 29th, 2021

Specific commercial lighting is recommended for larger spaces such as warehouses, government and educational facilities, or retail to prevent people from experiencing headaches, emotional changes, or general discomfort. As well as can increase your likelihood of making more sales or increasing productivity. 

How does the effect of lighting make a difference?

Lighting creates a mood. If you want to read our article on the Importance of Lighting you can. I’ll give you a quick breakdown.

In the Journal of Consumer Psychology Study: “The more intense the lighting the more intense the range of emotions the guest experiences.” In an article written by the interior studio, they simply state “Interior lighting is one of the most important aspects of any living space; it has the ability to change the mood of a room just as it does the perceived size of a room.”

Surprisingly, a small amount of change in lighting can greatly affect a space. 

Uses of lighting in a large space.

Lighting is important for the previous reason of emotional and size changes. We will go into more detail about that soon. Furthermore, let’s break down path lighting.

  1. Path lighting is the technique of using specific task lighting to orientate your guests or workers. In retail using this technique can assist your customers to travel in a specific path designated by you. A great place to go, or look at would be Ikea. They tend to use this path lighting in a great way. Similarly, using task lighting can help direct your customers to specific areas in your store. 
  2. Mood lighting changes the emotion of space. In a warehouse, you can create an optimal mood-setting that can increase workflow. Too much light can create an uncomfortable feeling in your workers. Not enough lighting and your workers can feel tired and not be as efficient. No light and you will probably get no work done. We do have an easy solution to changing lighting efficiently. Use our Adjustable Tube Guards over your existing fluorescent tube lights.

Using these techniques has the potential to effectively increase sales and productivity in your business. Let’s see what these look like. 

Quick Examples

Warehouse Lighting

Fluorescent commercial retail educational light cover diffuser replacement for broken or damaged.

warehouse emitting almost a natural lighting look creating bright atmosphere. 

Task Lighting

Fluorescent commercial retail educational light cover diffuser replacement for broken or damaged.

Amazing task lighting created to highlight specific pieces of jewlery

Task Lighting

Fluorescent commercial retail educational light cover diffuser replacement for broken or damaged.

Specific task lighting created to highlight these luggage products. 

Path Lighting

Fluorescent commercial retail educational light cover diffuser replacement for broken or damaged.

Path lighting used to create an atmosphere to guide customers to destinations. 

The right amount of light.

Light emitted from light bulbs is measured in two ways: brightness and tone are the two factors that determine correct lighting.  Brightness refers to how bright the light is. Tone refers to the color of the light, which also correlates to temperature.


Lumens are the determination of brightness or a measure of the total amount of visible light given off by a source per unit of time. The greater the lumens the greater the brightness. A good way to test this is to try out a 100-lumen flashlight and a 9000-lumen flashlight. The difference will be illuminating. 

The number of lumens in a bulb will play a major role in creating your desired space. Determine what amount of lighting you want for a space and then get bulbs that will work in terms of the lumen. If you already have lights that you do not wish to replace you can use adjustable tube guards over the existing light tube. Or, you can explore diffusers that can change the light spread. 

Tips: Watts is no longer a reliable indicator of bulb brightness; it refers to the efficiency of the light bulb, but newer bulbs, like LEDs and Halogen bulbs, are highly efficient and give off bright lights. 


The tone or the color temperature of your bulb is measured in kelvins. When kelvins have increased the tone of the light is cooler, when they decrease the tone is warmer. Kelvins are the base unit of temperature in the International System of Units. 

You want to consider the tone of the room or space you want to light. Setting the tone to a warmer welcoming tone for customers could help create an atmosphere. While a cooler tone can help create a better feeling for a working environment. Warehouses, educational, or governmental buildings may thrive better with a cooler tone than a warmer tone. 

Some businesses decide to use a mix of the two to highlight different areas of a space. For a small business, it may be more advantageous to stick with one lighting style. when choosing the light for a store or classroom, keep in mind what we spoke about combined with other factors of the room. consider the ceiling height, wall color, natural light. Maybe it would a good idea to test out the lighting before bulk buying. 

Selection of light diffusers.

What is the easiest solution to changing the lighting diffusion of a space? As mentioned before if you are working with tube light bulbs. Just adding an adjustable tube guard would allow you to change the amount of light in a space. Next, it is recommended to use flat sheets to diffuse the light of recessed fixtures. 

f19 clear prismatic panel cover and diffuser fluorescent ceiling damaged or replacement

Flat Sheets diffuse the light from your ceiling light fixture. Can create a more subtle mood.

F-2356 lite wrap around light cover Sideways fluorescent light cover and diffuser for broken and damaged light covers

Wrap around light covers made from the same stuff as the flat sheets. Meaning they provide the same diffusion that can subtly adjust the amount and spread of light.


Adjustable Tube Guards are used to go over existing Tube Lights. They are great for adjusting the lighting in a room to a desired specification. 

How to get ready to set up your store?

Section out your space.

Think about your floor plan where everything will be set up. Then take a second to think about where you would like to direct your customers. Remember what we talked about with task lighting highlighting a certain space or product.

Use path lighting to direct your workers or customers. The different lighting tones and brightness to which your workers or customers are comfortable with their environment.


With all this information you now can get ready to set up or upgrade your existing space. The next move is going to be preparing and buying all the necessary diffusers and or lights.

You can find upgrade diffusers here.

If you need a light upgrade you can use


If you are curious about anything else check out the other blogs featuring amazing design ideas, lighting, and diffuser, or the difference between all light covers.

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