F-8013: Clear Vapor Tite Lens | Flat Flange | OD: 50″ Length x 7 3/4″ Width x 3″ Depth

$ 49.10

F-8013:  Flat Flange Clear Vapor tight Lens | OD: 50″ (L) x 7 3/4″ (W) x 3″ (D), ID: 49″ (L) x 6 5/8″ (W)


Vapor Tight replacement lens are available in different sizes, if you don’t see one on the website, please fill up “Get a Quote” for the size you need


F-8013:  Flat Flange Clear Vapor tight Lens | OD: 50″ (L) x 7 3/4″ (W) x 3″ (D), ID: 49″ (L) x 6 5/8″ (W)

Vapor tight replacement lens: Draped Formed Vapor Proof Fluorescent 4′ Fixture lens are built for the harshest environments.

  • The Flanged Lip Vapor Tite series of diffusers fits a variety of steel formed vapor tight housings
  • Meanwhile these vapor tight flange lips utilize a flat flange mounting design but can be used for other styles
  • Similarity the diffusers can go over linear tube fluorescent lamps.
  • Above all, the diffusers are available in vacuum formed acrylic & polycarbonate.
  • This water clear flange vapor tite light cover are commonly used on old fixture # V240RS, and fixture like 28-20446-000 csp
  • Trim Size for Custom also available but specify trim size when placing orders for the Flanged Lip Vapor Tite Series.
  • Please check before ordering, trim Max 50.625 for 4 ft and 99.25″ for 8 ft
  • Ideal for use in dusty, dirty and/or wet environments including food processing, cold storage, kitchens, parking garages, car washes, covered canopies, pedestrian tunnels, concourse, industrial, and horticulture spaces.
  • You can inquire about getting in white or prismatic as well also available in 8′ size on request
  • Above all, you can find all the replacement lenses at one place for your vapor tight fixtures.
  • Make your fixture look brand new with replacing crack or yellowed lens !
We do Custom Orders, Wholesale, Residential, Commercial and More. For all style of lighting diffusers replacement lenses give us a call at 800-858-1201!!!

Additional information

Weight5 lbs
Dimensions50 × 8 × 3 in

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