Fluorescent Vapor Tight Light Diffusers

Vaportight Light Fixtures​

When you need to protect a fixture from severe or harsh conditions, a vaportight lens is your solution.  Available in one or two bulb widths and 2′, 4′, 6′, and 8′ lengths. Drop diffusers meet all OSHA, FDA, and USDA requirements. In addition, Made for refrigerated, humid or wet areas.

Made from crepe textured clear acrylic. Similarly, we can make them in prismatic design as well. Vapor tight fixtures are the ideal for harsh conditions. A vapor tight lens keeps corrosive fumes at bay.  Protects the light source from non-combustible dust, vapors, various gases and moisture.

Acrylic: Superb Clarity, Excellent Weatherability, Excellent UV resistance, Good Shock resistance, available in differing D.R. resin blends for improved shock resistance. These lens are easy to install to your individual strip light and will reduce job costs. Vapor proof plastic light diffuser enclosures are completely dust and moisture resistant gasketed enclosures. Therefore, best for industrial use.

Polycarbonate: Superb Clarity, Average Weatherability, Average UV resistance, Virtually unbreakable.

Clear crepe, Clear Smooth, Clear Prismatic, or Smooth White.

If you don’t see exactly what you’re looking for please contact us, we specialize in custom Fluorescent Vapor Tight light lens. Find replacement lenses for your vapor tight fixtures. Replace you crack or yellowed lens and make your fixture look brand new! You are purchasing the replacement lens cover only and NOT the entire lighting fixture.