Who Do We Service As A Business?

By Matthew | Updated on June 9th, 2021

Who, What, and Where Do We Supply Our Products To?

Who do we serve as a business? to summarize:

Fluorolite Manufactures and distributes replacement light covers.

Replacement light covers are an effective alternative to replacing light fixtures in commercial buildings, schools, hospitals, offices, and apartment complexes. Our business can offer light covers and light diffusers to any place that requires them.

Who Do We Supply To.

We do not only supply products to big recreations such as schools, churches, and apartments. We can take a look at all of our services which extend to individuals as well. You can locate the individual or packed products to fit your needs for instance.

Let’s say you’re a part of a large, small, or medium business, or even an individual. If you need a product and have questions. You can head over to the get a quote section and our team of experts will get you a quote. 

What Do We Supply.

Our manufacturing team has been making light covers and light diffusers for everyone for over 45+ years. So it would be fair to say that we have seen our fair share of requests come through. If any of these products interest you, follow the links to our list of available products.

Flat Sheets
Vapor tight Light Covers
Wrap Around Light Covers
Under Cabinet Light Covers
Circline Light Covers
Drop Dish
Cloud and Puff Lenses

Where Do We Supply To?

You can find our products almost anywhere when it comes to business or residential abodes. All across the United States, we service office buildings, educational facilities, warehouses, homes, small offices, apartments, workshops, and even medical centers.

In conclusion: 

Fluorolite Plastics has been providing quality service to large, medium, small businesses and individuals all across the United States.

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Fluorolite Plastics Is The Trusted Brand Over 45+ Years

Fluorolite Plastics has been providing quality products for over 45+ years. We are known in Massachusetts as the primer light diffuser specialists.