How To Dim Your Fluorescent Lights

By Matthew | Updated on June 15, 2021

How to dim your fluorescent lights? The easiest way is to buy an adjustable dimming tube guard.

Try our Exclusively designed dimmable tube guards. You can install the tubes over individual workstations so the entire room doesn’t need to work with a dimmed light output just for a few people’s preferences.

Quick and Easy info about Dimmable Tube Guards

aka Safety Sleeves, Tubeguards, Protect-A-Lamp, Lamp Shields, Tube Sleeves, are common light bulb covers with plenty of specialty style options. Here we’ll discuss one of those specialty styles called Matrix Tube Guards.

Our Exclusively Designed tube guards are clear tube guards with graduated line patterned mylar sleeves inserted inside them. This sleeve allows for personal manipulation of the light. It is easy to put on the light bulb and adjust the lighting. Spin the tube guard around the bulb, dimming the light to your personal preference. As you rotate the Fluorolite tube guard you can see the shaded area rotates which allows more or less light out.


dimmable fluorescent light tube guards adjustable fluorolite plastics

This is a great way to dim your fluorescent lights without using an expensive dimming ballast.
These work great on under-the-counter lights used in cubicles.

Try Smoke tube guards for an economical way to dim the light output. Look at Retro-Fit kits, you can de-lamp, save energy, money and improve the ambient light.

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